Travelling to Aalborg, Denmark in Style

Denmark offers many tourists the perfect moments of life to relax and enjoy their life to the fullest. Aalborg is an industrial and at the same time a university city located in North of Jutland within Denmark. It is a historical city dating back to AD 700 when early settles started making makeshift homes within the city. It was seen as an important harbor during early and this stretching to the Middle Ages. It has the best designed timbered-mansions. You can come to the city via roads, air, or rail. Tourist are always encouraged to trickle in large number to witness for themselves what makes the city stand out uniquely and alone as a modern state-of-the art city with the best amenities.

AalborgDanmarkBest time to go

The city is usually cool most of the year. It has average type of temperatures that reach about 20 �C with lows of 11 �C during the summer. The best time to visit this history city is during the summer. You will enjoy viewing more of its great lakes, dams, museums, citadels and many others that have been made by the hand of man like the Karolinelund rollercoaster. It is a place you will love to always come and enjoy your life to the fullest. January and February have the coldest temperatures and this may not be the perfect time for you to come. You can feel free to visit this place in the months of June to October.

Best places to visit

With a long history, this city offers to man more than he can ever see elsewhere. You will be able to tour different geographical areas.


We start with Aalborg HistoriskeMuseum. This is a museum that dates back to medieval times. It carries more history of the people’s culture, traditions and way of life during early times. It is the place you will learn more of the wars that were fought, the battles that were lost and those that were triumphantly won to reclaim Denmark. It has the best artifacts and detailed explanations of armory and other historical events that took place in the city.


This is a popular public park located on the Eastern end of this magnificent city. It hosted the Amusement park. It traces its roots to the developments of Franck Bo Lind. It used to offer many visitors a chance to relax and enjoy their time to before its closure in 2010.

The Aalborg Zoo

Opened in 1935, this is a world renowned zoo that houses more than 1,300 animals from 138 different types of species including zebras, tigers, chimpanzees, polar bears, elephants, giraffes and penguins. It is seen as a main tourist attraction site within the city getting more than 300, 000 visitors every year. The zoo has been creatively designed to have an African savannah where all exotic animals roam.
Events to do while on holiday

Aalborg Carnival

You can choose to attend the annual Aalborg Carnival festival. You will enjoy more of its outdoor facilities and a better 2.5 kilometer jogging trail. This activity brings together residents’ of this beautiful city to enjoy their life and find what brings them together. These are the places to visit within Aalborg, Denmark.

The city has the best roads and this makes driving more enjoyable. You will have ease of driving in the modern designed roads within the city and accessible as well as perfectly designed roads on other parts as you move around to have fun with colleagues. The roads are clearly marked with international road signs to make your driving experience more enjoyable. Have fun in the city of Aalborg, it will be one of the best places you have ever visited.

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