Spell Bounding Top 10 Scenic Rail Journeys

scenic railWe should thank engineers and visionaries who built railway lines through the Europe’s most beautiful scenes. These trains won’t be the fastest but definitely tempt you to gap out of the window, savoring delicious cuisines on board. Here are the 10 most scenic rail journeys

1. Dombas to Andalsnes, Norway
One and half-hour, and 114 km long journey through high peaks, mountain slopes, and jagged rocks make the serenity of nature unbelievable. As go along you come across the traces of the Rauma River and the arched Kylling Bridge at Verma. Best time to ride is during mid-summer.

2. Olso to Bergen, Norway
Train runs through beautiful mountains and across Hardangervidda Plateau leading to Norway’s highest railway station Finse. Train journeys via Flam on Bergen Line where you experience the steepest railway line. Stop by at Railway Documentation Centre and know how the feat was achieved. Journey takes 9 hours covering 550 km.

3. William Fort to Mallaig, Scotland
West Highland line gives you a taste of Scotland’s beauty. Believe me, if you are Harry Potter fan, you will find yourself in the fantasy of Hogwart’s Express. You will experience the rugged highlands, Lochs, Coastline and Britain’s Highest Peak of Ben Nevis. You should definitely try 67 km journey on the steam train. Best time to visit the place would be during summer.

4. Chur to Tirano, Switzerland and Italy
The Bernian Express soaks you with the beautiful Alpine views. The express connects north and south of Europe. Railway lines are world heritage lines. The journey is 123 km that takes joyful four hours. April month is perfect for the ride.

5. Levanto to La Spezia, Italy
A short 20 km journey of five lands, which are rustic villages, gives you a perfect picture postcard view of Lingurian Sea, vineyards and Olive trees. Train stops at each of the five villages. Try a walk along the coastlines of towns. Spring and autumn is the best time to ride.

6. Bingen to Koblenz, Germany
The Central Thine Railway offers romantic experience for couples. It runs through Rhine Valley, which seems like straight from the fairytale—castle with water in background. Try Mittelrheinbahn railway service, which takes you on a ride between beautiful Mainz and Koblenz. Spring and autumn is the best time to experience the 61 km long journey.

7. Gloggnitz to Murzzuschlag, Austria
Semmering Railway line engulfs you with the wonderland as rail runs across Semmering pass taking you through several tunnels, bridges, and viaducts. A great experience would be to hike along the track up to Semmering. Forty-one kilometer journey takes only 100 minutes but it’s worth it.

8. Locarno to Domodossola, Italy and Switzerland
Centovalli Railway or known as Hundred Valley Railway mesmerizes you with waterfalls, chestnut groves, vineyard, lush green landscapes. The Alpine just spell bounds you. Summer is the best time to ride 52-kilometer journey of train.

9. City of Munich to Innsbruck, Germany and Austria
Glittering lakes, view of Germany’s Zugspitze and glorious landscapes between the two cities are enough to calm your eyes. Schloass Ambras in Innsbruck is a castle you must see. You can ride 157 km journey all year long.

10. Zermatt to St. Moritz, Switzerland
The Glacier Express is one of the millionaire’s paradises. Train scorches through Swiss Alps where you see the amazing alpine landscapes. The De Rigueur, for ski enthusiasts falls right on the route. Switzerland is at its best during winter and it is recommended to ride the rail during winter.

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