Norway – Best Place on Top of the Earth

bestnorwayNorway is considered as one of the richest countries in the earth, Not only in its financial wealth, but also in wealth of natural surprise. This country is blessed with outstanding natural beauty that makes many reasons to visit Norway. Norway is known as land of the mid night sun. It is the rare place, at the summer seasons; you can see the sun for about 24 hours. By visiting this country from April to July and enjoy certain activities which you will not receive to perform at midnight in other places like hiking, playing golf and fishing. You can do all these in light of the midnight sun. Due to its location, this country is a best place for arctic adventures. You can enjoy the White Plains on a sled pulley by dogs or a reindeer herd. You can catch cod fish or the biggest red king crab on the arctic.

You can also just sit by a fire and wait for the northern lights to appear. With the combination of purple, green and red shades these lights are easiest to view in places where there is moonlight at the months of October, March and February. They are regarded as the grandest and oldest shows appearing in various shapes and forms every time and inspiring people. Norway is popular for its fjords, the valleys that are u shaped filled with sea water that were made if the glaciers melted after the ice period. It contains more u shaped valleys and most of these can be seen in western Norway. You can also see fjords in the world heritage sites such as Naeroyfjoid and Geirangerfjord.

Apart from fjords, there are numerous parks that contribute camping grounds and scenic hiking trains for you to visit. There are chances for you to walk and climb on glaciers such as Austfonna and lot of beautiful waterfalls for you to say wow like Voringsfossen.A visit to the Vega islands is suggested, particularly for the people who needed to surround through different species, breathtaking views and dramatic landscapes. By having six months of winter, excellent heaps and slopes of good snow, it is not surprise large number of people visit Norway simply to ski. There are chances for all kinds of skiing like cross country skiing, alpine skiing and Telemark skiing. You can go snow kiting or snowboarding.

Famous ski resorts are Hemsedal with more than fifty slopes. For advanced skiers, Oppdal is best choice. Viking age is considered as prosperous age in the Norway history. Even though the country has come a lengthy way from being a Vikings kingdom, who was best traders and feared pirates, you can learn still about Norse culture while you visit Norway and about the Vikings in museums like Viking ship museum. In the Lofotr museum, you can be able to see renovated form of Viking chieftain and traditional Viking costumes. Norway is not so crowded like European countries, so you will not be disturbed by other tourists. You can have a scenic ferry ride to view the natural wild life.

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