Heidelberg Is One Pleasant Secret in Germany

The city of Heidelberg in Germany speaks of romance. Those who have been there compared it to Durham, England. What makes this place romantic is the riverside geography.  The old world appeal draws in honeymooners and lovers.  Visitors can sample the best of Germany and international cuisine with its lineup of restaurants and cafes. It was once the capital of Palatinate and was the central town for education. The Neckar River makes this city a beautiful site to look at.  Another thing that attracts tourists here is the climate. It is one of the warmest places in Germany.

For those who want to visit this picturesque city, these are the sites not to be missed:

Heidelberg University: Grabengasse 1, D-69117 Heidelberg

This University was built in 1711. The new campus was constructed in 1928-1931. At the back of which is found the Witches’ Tower or Hexenturm. The tower served as part of the city’s defense system.  The University Library is just a stone’s throw away in Grabengasse. Here, travelers get to see the Manessische Handschrift, which was written in the 1300s. It is a collection of songs from the medieval times. Travelers can visit the refectory or mess hall and the Peterskirche, the chapel of the University

Hauptstrasse and the Altstadt (Old Town)

It is the city’s main street. If you travel through this avenue, you will see a lot of interesting places to visit.  The side streets are even smaller. You can enter alleys and explore what is hidden.  The streets hide historic churches and buildings that serve as homes to cafes, restaurants, boutiques, art stores, and more. You just might see the Marstall stables, which stores the Heidelberg University’s art works. Heiliggeistkirche is a 1400s church that is located here. You can marvel at the architecture of the Haus zum Ritter, a building built in 1592.

Heidelberg Castle: Schlosshof 1, 60117, Heidelberg

You can get to Heidelberg Castle via the Bergbahn train.  Alternatively, you can hike for 15 minutes starting at the old town. Builders used Neckar sandstones for the construction of the castle. The castle exemplifies the best of German Renaissance design. It is the most beautiful ruin in the whole country. Locals hold several festivals in the castle grounds.

The Philosopher’s Walk

As you walk along the Philosophenweg, or the Philosopher’s Walk, you get to learn more about the city. You get a vantage point of Saints’ Mountain or Heiligenberg. You get to witness more attractions like the Monastery of St. Michael ruins. Nearby is the Thingstatte, which was an amphitheatre used by the Nazi Germans. You get to see a Celtic Fortress up on the hill, which was built in the 300s.

The Karl Theodore Bridge

This is a bridge that has been described in so many songs and poetry. It is also called the Old Bridge. The bridge connects the city’s two sides. The bridge is named after Karl Theodore who designed and built the bridges’ arches in 1788.  The arches were made to replace faulty wooden parts. From here, you get a view of the other historic bridge in Heidelberg, the Bruckentor, and its’ towers.

There are other reasons to visit this picturesque city. So, just breathe in and take in the sites.

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