Great Amenities for Sydney Accommodation

I always find Sydney a very conducive city for business and pleasure because accommodations are aplenty and major attractions are reachable by foot. As I rented a hotel room in downtown Sydney, I was amazed on how hotel staff lay sheet sets on the bed. Little did I know that it is not just the neatness of how these bedding articles are arranged but also on the quality of bedding material used. This aspect about the hotel is something that truly impressed me. It made me think that the hotel owner has a great regard to linens, sheets and stuff. This means that they are concerned about their guests’ quality of sleep and relaxation.

linen_accommodationAs far as travelling around Sydney is concerned, I always thought that this city is a dreamland for tourists and visitors. To my advantage, I have a wonderful view of the majestic Sydney Harbor Bridge and iconic Sydney Opera House from my hotel room window. When dusk sets in, the view becomes lovelier as the bridge sparkles in stunning bright lights. If this is the kind of view that welcomes you in your hotel room, then you will surely agree with my feeling of wanting to stay longer. Even if I’ve gone through a tiring day, sleep time in my cozy hotel room with soft sheet sets was just so heavenly. Waking up the next day was truly revitalizing and rejuvenating. I would say that my bed was a great factor. Should I be sleeping in a crumpled, hard, low quality discount bed linen, I sure would wake up irritated and disappointed. It is a good thing that my hotel room attendant changes the sheets every day of my stay.

Most of my visits in Sydney are concentrated on business meetings, conferences and late night dinners with executives. Time is really hectic and I hardly have the chance to explore the hotel facilities. Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to loiter around, I still am lucky to have a room that pampered me with soothing bed linen set. As I look back on the last trip I had in Sydney, I realized that all I have done was work, rest and travel. My work isn’t easy nor is it difficult, but the ability to stay in a luxurious hotel with excellent amenities and service crew is just rewarding. With soothing sheet sets on my bed plus fabulous views from my hotel room window, I can say that pleasure outshines my business purpose.

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Great Amenities for Sydney Accommodation, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating