Europe Travel – Explore the Most Beautiful Continent in the World

Europe is a perfect travel destination for individuals around the world. For decades now, the beauty of this continent has been soothing tourists who travel to Europe. Its rich and diverse culture, as well as its strategic location between Asia and America makes it a favorite hub for travellers around the globe. Here is a complete attraction guide to Europe for you.

There are numerous spectacular architectures found in Europe. These magnificent buildings enhance the historical value of this continent.

The Colosseum, Rome

This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. This former arena is more than 2000 years old and its presently a monument to the legends who were killed in the name of sport for Roman Emperors. The Colosseum portrays the magnificent Roman architecture.

The Acropolis, Athens 


This is an archaeological treasure in Greece. It’s actually the most iconic place visited by millions yearly. Here you can discover the remains of temples, altars, artifacts & artworks , theatres and the famous Parthenon that signify Greece’s ancient civilization and wonder.

Learn more about The Acropolis of Athens:

Stratford-upon-Avon, London 

Your tour to Europe is not complete if you do not visit William Shakespeare’s hometown. Here, you will get the true taste of the old England. You will get an opportunity to step back over 800 years ago and discover the ancient thatched roofs, cobblestone roads , and the origin of more than 2000 words in the English language. Literature lovers can catch one of Shakespeare’s plays at the Royal Theater.

The Keukenhoff Gardens, Netherlands

This is one of the tourist attractions you need to visit during the spring. These colorful gardens display the most vibrant tulips. Besides, you can have your favorite lunch while enjoying the sunny climate. You can then drive by the traditional windmills as you check on the cheese factories and wooden Dutch shoemakers.

Vatican City

This small slice of the city is packed with more history and artwork than most cities in the world.

Europe is well connected with other continents. Every city in this continent is inter-connected with each other via waterways, railways, airways and roadways. There is also a reliable transport and communication network in the whole of Europe.

Right from the large paddy fields, to green pasture lands, to taverns, farm yards and iconic commercial buildings make it an ideal location for family or honeymoon vacations.

If you are there for honeymoon, you have endless options to choose from.

If you travel to Europe , be sure to visit the above mentioned places and see a new and diverse world.

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