Drive Around Sweden and Experience an Enchanting Scandinavian Vacation

Is Sweden in your bucket list of places to visit? A lot of people consider Sweden as one of the most beautiful places to spend a holiday. Officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, this country is situated in Northern Europe and bordered by Finland and Norway. This Scandinavian destination is the European Union’s 3rd largest country.

swedeniceIf you are planning to visit Sweden then consider a good Hyrbil service provider. Although the public transportation in Sweden is among the most efficient in Europe, hiring a car rental is also a good option and alternative to taking the train and bus. Get to your destination at your own schedule without being tied to the rail or bus schedules. Check out Stockholm which is the country’s capital city. Here, you will enjoy both modern and old world attractions. Visit UNESCO’s World Heritage sites which include Royal Palace Drottningholm, the Woodland Cemetery and the Skogskyrkogarden. Enjoy an enchanting time at Stockholm’s old town. Do you want to visit an open air museum? Visit Skansen and learn everything you want to know about Sweden’s history.

After spending an enchanting time in the capital city of Stockholm you can drive to Gothenburg. This is the country’s second largest city. Gothenburg is proud of the beauty of both their landscape and seascape. Visit the famous fish market or enjoy an evening at the famous Gothenburg Opera House. Have you ever wondered where to see the famous Oresund Bridge? It is situated in Malmo, the country’s 3rd largest city. The city boosts of many famous universities and environmentally friendly buildings.

If you want to visit the beautiful Swedish medieval cities then a visit to Visby is a must. Enjoy an exciting medieval week which is usually held every August. Experience the medieval life with people in their authentic medieval dresses and be a part of the city’s lively feasts. Outdoor enthusiasts should include Kiruna in their list. Drive to this enthralling destination which is close to the Arctic Circle. Enjoy outdoor activities like snowboarding, ice fishing, skiing and dog sledding in this winter wonderland.

Finally, there are so many things you can do at your own schedule when you hire a car while in Sweden. This is a good way to enjoy a beautiful country such as this one much like the way you avail of a biluthyrning Italien service while in Italy or a rental car service when in Switzerland, Germany, UK and other lovely tourist destinations.

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Drive Around Sweden and Experience an Enchanting Scandinavian Vacation, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings