Common Performance Parts

Car manufacturers do not really keep their focus on performance and speed. All they feel responsible for is to improve your gas mileage while keeping your maintenance costs low. So if you are looking to add some horsepower to your engine, you will need to take on yourself to make a few enhancements and buy a couple of add-ons. Here are the more common auto performance upgrades that car owners who have the need for speed and slickness dig.

High Performance Exhaust

Upgrading to a Cat Back Exhaust is one way of increasing your ride’s horsepower. A free-flowing system that would improve the back pressure could definitely rev up your car’s torque and power. You may also purchase a cutback system that runs through your catalytic converter and exhaust piping, to further improve the performance of your drive. There are Performance Parts online that are reasonably priced. If you are not ready to pay an arm and a leg for enhancing your car, you many simply purchase installation kits and work your butts off, working in DIY fashion.


There are a couple of supercharger options available in the market. Which fits well into your truck or whatever car you have depends on your budget as well as the rate you want to increase your car’s horsepower. STI Performance Parts have different varieties of superchargers available. There’s the root supercharger, considered to be the cheapest; the twin screw supercharger, which is quite loud; and the centrifugal superchargers, the most efficient (and expensive) of them all.

Performance Parts OnlineTire Upgrades

In most modification guides, this most essential upgrade is often overlooked. If you have a heavy-duty sticky rubber on, your engine will speak a different language altogether. You will enjoy better grip, better control, and overall an improved performance in your kind of ride.

Cold Air Intake

A particular amount of air when mixed with fuel can essentially affect your car’s performance. A new intake will help cool down the oxygen that enters your combustion engine, which will also give your car some motor relief from heat stress.

Springs and Shocks

Your car’s stability is as important as its performance. That’s why when doing upgrades, make sure that you also pay attention to performance parts that will allow you better handling and control. Lowering your springs and adding shock absorbers, when combined with a high performance suspension system, would certainly provide you a better grip.


Common Performance Parts

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