Seoul’s 24-hour luxury spas


dragon_hill_spaSeoul, is the capital city of South Korea. It has a municipal population of about 11.8 million, not mentioning its metropolitan population of about 25.6 million. Hence making it the largest city in south Korea. It is also an epicentre both financially and in cultural matters. Despite having gone through slot of historical reconstructions especially in the temples and palaces, Seoul is exceptionally clean and quite modern. Due to the success of the Korean pop culture, Seoul has been flooded by tourists from South Eastern part of Asia, Japan and China. Tourists get to this vast city either by air, bus, train, subway, water, on foot or bicycle depending on where they are coming from.

As a tourist visiting Seoul for an extended stay it is important and equally helpful to grasp a little of the Korean language, and most importantly, the tourist should consider learning how to read the Korean script locally known as the “Hangeul”. This will help in making the trip much smoother.

There is a variety of places and attractions to enjoy. One of them being the palaces in Seoul. This is where one gets to actually sit on the seat of royalty used by kings during the ancient times.

Seoul also offer a perfect place for hiking. They also offer a variety of baths, but saunas take the form of places for bath especially in Korea. This is majorly due to the presence of mountains which are accessible using public means. One of the mountains in the place is Mt. Bukhan.

Other tourist attraction centres are the parks, temples and shrines, and the world comic conventions. There are certain activities a tourist can also do during their trip. These include, mountain biking, gambling, skiing, horse racing, and watch performing arts in the Seoul Art Centre and other places.

Seoul is definitely the place to be


There are three favourite spas in Seoul, the dragon hill spa, spa lei and chunjiyun spa.

Most luxury spas are open for 24 hours. Both men and women use the spas and receive services such as manicure, pedicure, facials etc. They also offer a variety of baths, but saunas take the form of places for bath especially in Korea. The other services available, for instance are haircuts and shoe cleaning. There are also additional facilities for amusement. Something to be aware of as well is that the scrubbing and massage services are more on the vigorous side than the relaxing side.

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