Things to Know Before you Hire a Car in Norway

drivingnorwayPeople who travel to Norway have the option of engaging in any leisure activity that suits their preferences. Among the common leisure activities that people could engage in is traveling to different location. These activities help people to relieve their minds of stress that accumulates in course of execution of their daily activities. For people or tourists who engage in traveling in Norway and they do not have their own mode of transport, they might need service of car hire company.

Document required by car hiring company from their clients

A person needs to have a full, valid driving license issued in their country of residence. Most car hire companies in Norway require that, you have held your driving license for at least a year. In case your license is not issued by the ECA/EC country, you may be required to have an International Drivers Permit (IDP). You can read about more documents which are required in order to drive in Norway on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s Website.


A person should be at least 19 years of age. But some car hire companies may stipulate that their clients should be at least 25 years of age. However, this will depend on the category of car that they may want to hire. If you are below 25 years, most firms may require you to pay young driver fee of approximately NOK 100 a day. But the fee may vary from one car Hire Company to another.

The Norwegian market has many businesses offering people the opportunity of hiring cars. To make the best choices and receive the most value for their money, people need to consider several factors in order to get the best services. These include the following:


Different companies in Norway have their own cost of hiring a car because of their depreciation value. Therefore, it is important for a person or a tourist to search on the internet for the cost of hiring a car from different companies. This will enable him or her to hire a car at a reasonable cost.

Other things which you need to consider are: if the company is providing extras such as storage racks and child car seats. The car you hire should be also well insured. So check if this is included in the final cost of hiring a car.

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Important Factors To Look Into Before Traveling To Sweden

There are a number of factors to consider before resorting having a travel Sweden. On many occasions, employed people, businessmen and women, married couples on honey moon among others normally contemplate to travel any where in the universe either to conduct some businesses, or just for leisure. Sweden is one country known for boasting of adequate restaurants, hotels, appealing events and attractions among other things. Therefore, before making up mind to visit Sweden, it is very imperative to consider the following factors:

sweden-boatsAre there any laws guiding the entrance into and exit out of Sweden?

This is the first factor to consider. One should know that there are immigration laws that must be fulfilled first before travelling abroad or upcountry. This is no exception with travelling to Sweden also. One should therefore prepare all the required documents necessary before setting to Sweden, lest he or she may meet disappointment while at the airstrip.

Clear understanding of Sweden

This is also another important factor to consider especially if it is for the first time one is travelling to Sweden. In case one does not have a clear understanding of the country, then it should happen that he or she has a link in the country before jetting there. The person to be linked with should equally have a clear knowledge of the country. This way, one will have a better stay in such a very developed country.

What are some of the preferred cities to be visited while in Sweden?

This too is another important factor that cannot go unmentioned while organizing a trip to Sweden. It is a known fact that Sweden has a majority of cities and therefore it is very imperative to have in mind best cities to visit even before landing in such a country.

The best time for traveling

Last, but not least, time for travelling is also a factor of great importance to be looked into before deciding to travel to Sweden. When travelling to Sweden, it is important to travel when the weather conditions are very favorable. These are only, but to mention a few.

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