Your Definitive Guide to Europe 

We’re here because we love traveling, period.

We have chosen to talk and write about Europe because we feel that there are still so many things that people do not know about it, despite the fact that this continent welcomes millions of tourists every year. Have you heard of Turku? Have you been to Jersey? Do you see yourself swimming in the beaches of the Islands of Vis?

Although we give our readers an idea about what’s it like to see world-renowned tourist spots, we also take note of the often-forgotten or missed places in Europe and why it would be a great idea to visit those (low cost vacations coming up). We also give great tips on how to experience so much and have the best fun on the cheap.

Other writers in our group have done back-packing and hitch hiking from Moscow to Lisbon while others got the real taste of European luxury. The point is you will get to see the real picture of traveling from one country to another whether you have cash to splurge or if you are on a budget.

We make sure that people who chance upon our blog will see something that can help them while they are trekking this wonderful continent.

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