5 reasons why you should spend your next vacation in Germany

Planning your next holiday? You should think of visiting Germany. This is one of the best tourist destination rich in culture, perfect security, many tourists’ destinations and well established economy.There is an endless list of things to do in Germany and you can start your vacation with the following adventurers’ things.

A visit to the Black Forest

You want to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful landscapes and scenery? The Black Forest is simply a must visit site for every Australia tourist in Germany. If you enjoy watching the beautiful clear streams, fresh mountain pine and spiky peaks, then Black Forest visit should be on your top places to visit in Germany.

Rail Transport

Traveling by train is always a rare opportunity for most people whether at home or as a tourist. Hoping on a train during your Germany visit can be one of the fun things you can do on your visit to Germany. There are different types of trains serving every corner of the country and will ensure you get a good view of unique places while on this common public transport. So if you love moving around the streets of German like a local then rail transport is at your disposal.

German food

It would be so boring to eat the same food you regularly at home on your vacation. Germany welcomes you with delicious dishes that will raise your appetite instantly. You can treat yourself to a special cheese pasta dish called Kasespatzle or fill your plate with Currywurst which is a special dish of sausage served with curry meets ketchup sauce. There are a variety of other special dishes you can choose from ensuring you don’t starve when you visit Germany.

Rich cultural heritage

The cultural aspects of a country are what attract many tourists to a specific destination. If you love culture and love to experience diversity then Germany will not disappoint as it has unique cultural heritage for you to explore during your vacation. You can learn about the history and cultural heritage of German if you visit places like the Cologne Mammoth gothic-style cathedral, Hanseatic League in the North of Germany, the Wartburg in Eisenach, Wieskirche church in southern Bavaria and many more.

MercedesBenz Museum

For the love automobiles and the luxurious Mercedes Benz vehicle, Germany offers you with incredible history of this vehicle when you visit the museum. The museum is the only automobile industry museum that has documented a 130 year history of automobile industry from the very beginning up to the present day. You cannot leave Germany without taking a tour into this historic auto industry museum.

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